Alternative/HF Services

MASTPartners Consulting is an Authoritative Hedge Fund Information Resource, founded for the purposes of information dissemination regarding private placements and Hedge Funds.

It is Revolutionary in spirit, with its services based on direct, clear information and real workable solutions for private placements.  A resourceful approach, with low overheads and controlled expenses, making more of the seed capital available for immediate investment.

Also see our FAQs and details about Hedge Funds in general, including a comparative analysis and Investor Features & Benefits.

For more information, please contact us (form) or via Email.


Why We Are Different!

You have more to gain with MASTPartners than with other conventional and alternative investments.  More of your money works for you, with the following:

  • Superior Consultations
  • Low, Affordable Start-up
  • Nationwide/worldwide Service
  • Focus on Low Seed Capital
  • Controlled Expenses
  • Sophisticated Assistance
  • Online/Email Direct Access
  • Low overhead Costs
  • Compilation and Reporting
  • BackOffice and Accounting

HF Compilation and Reporting

Please visit our new website - C-Suite Solutions. We are in the process of combining our services to offer greater support at lower costs for our clients.

HF Setup Consulting Services

Before continuing through this section, please see our detailed How-to Start a Hedge Fund Information page and become familiar with the components and requirements of Setting up a Hedge Fund.

For OffShore Setup Services please contact us.

We are the Lowest Cost Authoritative Source for creation and setup of all private placements, hedge funds, and alternative instruments.

Our goal is to assist potential private managers with individualized consultations and attention to details of setting up their particular structure, including:

  • Appraising Feasibility
  • Ascertaining Suitability
  • Determining Strategies and Pricing
  • Setup: Offering, Agreement, Fees, etc.
  • Legal and Administrative Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Operational and Marketing Support
  • Launch of Hedge Fund

thereby providing a unique and beneficial service to assure success in building a solid foundation for a business in the lucrative alternative investment industry.


We will manage, support, and setup ALL of the following within a professional project plan, with you:

SETUP Your HF Structure:
  • Partnership
  • Structure
  • Registrations
  • General Partnership
  • Structure
  • Registrations
  • Incorporations
  • Offering Brochure
  • Confidential Offering
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Investor Questionnaires
  • Custodial Agreements
  • Blue-Sky Fund (of funds) laws
  • Sch. 13D & Rule 203(B)(3)(I) issues
  • Contribution Methodology
  • Withdrawal Methodology
  • Allocation
  • Profit Participation
  • Pricing & Admin Fees
  • Lock-In Period determination
  • Hurdle Rates, High-Water Marks
  • Web Page and Internet exposure
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Operational
  • Administrative

    LAUNCH Your HF:
  • 1st meeting
  • Start subscriptions
  • Additional Subscriptions
  • Start of FUND


The startup costs are always an issue with most new fund managers. Consulting costs may range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the type of setup. All startup costs can be amortized over five years and paid by the private placement partnership itself.   Contact us (form) or via Email for more information.


Please See Our Detailed How-to Start a Hedge Fund Information page and become familiar with the components and requirements of Setting up a Hedge Fund.